Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tulsa BBQ Experience


My wife, son and I recently went to Tulsa Oklahoma to visit my mom who moved there about six years ago.  While we were there we visited two local barbeque joints that were recommended to me by a fellow member of "The Smoke Ring" barbeque forum.  

My first stop was "The Knotty Pine" which is located at 3301 West 5th Street, in Tulsa.  The restaurant has been there since 1952.  Before that it was a BBQ joint called "OK Barbeque".  I guess that restaurant had been there since the 30's.       

The Knotty Pine is rich with BBQ history.  Some would call it a dive... From the "Beer and Bar B Que" sign that is struggling to stay lit to the creaky floors, it is just the type of place I seek out when I'm visiting states known for good BBQ.  You feel like you're in another time and there are no frills there at all.  The food is served on a sheet of paper placed over a rectangular plastic tray.  I ordered ribs with a side of beens and coleslaw.  The food was great!  Ribs were tender and had a very nice smokey flavor.  My wife had the brisket sandwich and she too was very happy.  The beef was moist and tender with a nice flavorful bark.  

Their menu is broken up into half orders and full orders.  The half orders come with one side, bread pickles, peppers and onions.  Prices range from about six bucks to a little over eight.  The full orders come with two sides and range from about seven bucks to a tad over twelve.

We also ate at "Albert G's" located at 2748 S. Harvard in Tulsa.  The food was great but it didn't have that dive/joint feel to it.  I had the three meat combo and chose brisket, ribs and chicken.  All were cooked to perfection and I had no complaints at all.  My wife had brisket and she was very pleased with her meal.  Prices were about the same as the Knotty Pine, but like I said...  It just didn't have that historical joint feel that I personally love when I'm eating barbeque.  

The photos shown on this post are of the Knotty Pine and my 5 year-old Garrett, enjoying a rib.