Friday, October 2, 2009

Cast Iron Grill for Weber Kettle BBQ

Wanted to make a post about a wonderful upgrade I made to my Weber Kettle BBQ. It is a cast iron grill made by a company called Craycort. The grill has a circular framework that fits into the kettle. The framework is divided into four pizza slice sections. The grill fit into these sections independently.

This grill turns the Weber into a super grill. The grill marks it leaves on your meat look like something out of a magazine. Craycort also has accessories that fit into these triangular sections. I bought the "beer can chicken" accessory which fits into one of the sections and keeps the chicken low, so that it does not touch the lid. Works great!

This new grill has breathed new life into my trusty old Weber and I highly recommend checking them out at



Random bbq dude said...

It really is a great grate. I got mine a while back and dont want to miss it. Nice that someone is spreading the word, maybe Weber should buy them out and make it the standard on performers!

Greg said...

I agree 100%! I really like the attachments that fit into the openings of the frame too. The beer can chicken holder rocks!

BBQ said...

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Maureen Grace said...
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