Monday, April 25, 2011

Review of Nature's Choice cedar grilling planks

I just really felt the need to post a review about a company I recently found out about called Nature's Choice.

Nature's Choice sells cedar planks for grilling. But these are not the cedar planks we are all used to seeing at your local grocery store, or BBQ shop. These are by far THE BEST cedar cooking planks I have ever used. It's not just the quality and freshness of the wood, but the choices you get regarding the size and thickness of the planks.

I ordered a variety of planks which included; 8" planks, 18" planks (both of these planks are 1/2" thick) and some 12" planks which are a whopping 1" thick. You will not see planks this thick at any store. At least none that I have found.

Prior to discovering this online store, I was stuck in a cedar plank rut. The only time I used cedar planks was when I cooked salmon on the grill. I've found out (just prior to posting my herb crusted cedar planked pork roast video) that many outdoor cooks are in the same exact rut. I have to tell you. You can cook ANY meat on a cedar plank. And these are not limited to meat either. Veggies taste unbelievable prepared on the cedar plank!

So, I really encourage you to check out this site. You will find planks being sold by size, and in really nice gift packs. This online store also carries a nice variety of herbs and spices blended with plank cooking in mind.

The owner, Larry Hinzman also has a YouTube channel called "PlankGrillMaster". On his channel you will find tips, techniques and recipes. This channel is what inspired me to venture out into other areas with plank cooking.

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