Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Video Response To BBQ Smokers Planking Contest (Planked Hotdogs)

Sometimes simple is best, and that certainly describes this cook.  For this planking video contest I decided to plank up some Nathan's Natural Case hotdogs along with grilled onion and bacon, which I also planked.  This completely changed the flavor and texture of the hotdogs.  Although the dogs cooked on my grill for over 15 minutes, the natural cases never broke.  The end result was a very juicy dog with a very crisp outer case.  It had that "snap" that so many people look for in a good hotdog.  I'm not fibbing when I say this is the best dog I've ever had!


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Mosh Pit BBQ said...

yup that rocks! Hey where do I get some planks??