Thursday, December 22, 2011

My New Pit!

Just ordered a new smoker!  After close to 20 years of faithful service from my old NBBD, I've decided to step up to a world class smoker.

After months of research, I've opted for a "Gator Pit".  Gator Pits are based out of Texas and build top notch pits.  Each pit is built to order, so essentially you're getting a custom build.  I spoke to the owner of the company, Ritch when I placed my order.  I had specific needs and he accommodated every one of them.

Below is a YT video Ritch shot of the model that I went with, "The Party Gator".  Stand by guys!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it heavy duty?

Tom Jones said...

That is one fine looking pit!

Greg said...

Very heavy duty. The whole thing is constructed from 1/4" thick steel. It weighs in at over 600 pounds!

Jason (2024jayz) said...

WOW Greg I am looking forward to seeing top notch videos of that bad dude